His univers !

Family of musician. Author , composer, interpreter.

Enthusiast of music with his father, René Nèse.
Which teaches him, the rules, of the music.
He was saxophonist of Jazz, in the years, 1955 to 2009.
For the interpretation of the works, of Charlie Parker and John Coltran.

His Formation :
Music Theory : Piano and Song
Language : English , Spanish

His Experience:
Group and formation
Repertory of Vocal : English, Spanish, Italian.

She meets Barney Martin , his Arranger, Guitarist, Composer.
He Composes for her " MAGIC OF THE SUN "
Alain Mas , his Saxophonist accompanies him in its works.
As well as, his musicians and his dancers " Eternal Sisters Night" in his shows.
Billy Springs , his friend, origin of the USA, Caroline of the North .
Transmits ,His culture Black, and his songs Gospel.
He puts his words, on his compositions. She also discovers the Cuban music and the Mexican music.
His tastes will Be too the Salsa and the Country . The all , for to compose of the Pop Music .

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